In few countries, there is no chance for the people to cultivate paddy or wheat or any eatable items. People in the country will like to do agriculture by cultivating the weed seeds. Though these seeds are very dangerous to agriculture, people in few countries are in the situation to cultivate these marijuana plants which is being used for various medical purposes. Any kind of cannabis seeds which we are planning to grow is called as weeds. The weed seeds are growing along with the crop in the agriculture field. These weed seeds are sometimes very difficult to identify till it reaches its flowering stage. Especially in rice field there are several weed plants are growing along with the crop which is very difficult to identify. No doubt that they are the most responsible seeds for the reduction in the yield.

Right plant to cultivate

In certain country production in agri commodities are affected mainly by weeds where such kind of countries can cultivate marijuana plants and make revenue easily. The cannabis seeds are growing very fast using the fertilizer added to the soil for the crop of our interest. It creates equal competition with the crop and inhibits the growth of the plant. There are many campaigns to reduce the growth of the weed seeds but most of the weed seeds which are growing in the roadside are very good for health. Just like cannabis seeds, there are many medical seeds available that has so much of medical properties in its leaves, fruits even in its seeds. The compounds from marijuana are an example of this property of weed seeds that is being used mainly for medical purpose.

Medicinal property of marijuana The most valuable medical compound that is being isolated from the dry leaves of THC is nothing but the cannabinoids. It is used as the psycho active compound for the human being. It helps the human being to get relaxed from the stress. It is used in most of the drugs to relieve from the pain. Various plant extracts from cannabis including hash oil are very useful in medical applications. Cannabis also reduces the vomiting and nausea during chemotherapy for AIDS. It also used as a painkiller and muscle spasticity for the people who are facing various health issues. Some of the most important reports are available regarding memory and cognition problem, if the person is exposed to it for longer period.