How To Detox From Marijuana And THC?

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If you wish to cleanse yourself from THC fast, you have to search this term online, and you will find numerous websites that will provide you fast remedies that will help you along the way.

You can consider numerous reasons for weed detoxification such as employer needs, entrance to college, job interview, law enforcement regulations, and many more. Detoxification from weed depends on multiple factors.

For instance, when you are first time user, you will need less time to cleanse than frequent users, and that is a logical fact that you should remember. For moderate to heavy use, you will need between two and four weeks based on your body fat, metabolism, and other personal factors.

That is the main reason why you should conduct the fastest weed cleansing method that will reduce the possibility of failing a drug test. At the same time, you will be able to improve the quality of your life while passing a job opportunity and promotion.

When you notice a new job opening, the first thing you have to ensure is that you are completely clean. It is mandatory to start with the cleansing as soon as possible. The first step is abstinence, while you can consume things that will help you detoxify with ease.

For instance, if you wish to cleanse your hair from THC, you should consider finding the best detox shampoo for a drug test such as Aloe Rid among others.

We have mentioned above that the safest and best way to cleanse you thoroughly is to abstain from consumption. However, that could be problematic because in most cases, you will not get enough time to do it.

If you have a few months in the line, you should stop consuming and combine that with moderate exercise and healthy diet and in a matter of weeks, you will have zero THC metabolites in your organism.

The most challenging parts are to cleanse hair and urine because these two methods for testing are most common.

Types of Drug Tests

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When it comes to drug tests, you have to prepare entirely by understanding them at first. The most common test that employers are conducting is a urine drug test in which you have to pee in a cup with an idea to provide a urine sample that they will analyze further.

Apart from a urinalysis, they can give you hair and blood tests, which are less common. The hair test is the most accurate solution if you wish to determine long-term abuse because it will check your consumption up to three months ago.

However, only law enforcement agencies and government are conducting hair testing due to the expensive price tag, while urinalysis is the most common among employers.

Of course, these things will change in the future, because there are numerous ways to cheat a urine drug test, while hair is not that simple to cleanse at all. You should check here to learn more on urinalysis in general.

Detox Remedies

You can find numerous detoxification remedies available on the market that will help you boost the process of cleansing so that you can pass the test.

  • Diuretics and Water – The first step that you should consider when it comes to THC cleansing is to go for diuretics and water. Since urinalysis is the most common test, you have to pass as much urine as you can so that all metabolites could leave your system. However, try not to dilute urine, because that is only masking substances and most labs will know that you tried to tamper with and will make you repeat the test in another situation. You can dilute urine by using diuretic of choice, and the best solution that you can choose is Cranberry juice since it is natural and safer than commercial detox drinks.

We recommend you to visit this guide: so that you can learn how to be drug free with ease. B-Vitamins – When you consume B-vitamin complex, your urine will become yellower than before, and that is something you should use to your advantage after diluting the urine with water and diuretics. Since diluted urine is colorless, that is the first thing administrators will notice, which is why you have to mask that as well by consuming B complex vitamins at least three days before the test and five hours before too.