The cannabis planting season is about to begin. Cultivators all over the world are pondering over what to produce. While some choose feminized regular variety of cannabis, there are other options to choose from as well. When it comes to outdoor farming, autoflowering cannabis are quickly gaining popularity.

Before we delve into the top 4 high yield outdoor autoflower seeds for us, let us know what autoflowering cannabis is.

In simple words, autoflowering cannabis is the strains whose genetics allows the cultivation to be determined by the age, instead of the light cycles. These types of cannabis grow from seeds to harvest in just a few weeks, which results in multiple harvests in a single season. The cultivation requires minimal effort, are super quick and do not need any special lighting schedule. They produce high quality smoke and great yields despite everything. Autoflowering strains have revolutionized the cultivation of cannabis. It is not the result of some genetic modification; rather it is because of years of careful breeding. There are a lot of advantages to cultivating autoflowering strains, they are –

  1. As these seeds do not rely on the light cycles, you can harvest them throughout the year.
  2. They produce very fast results, going from seed to harvest in weeks. While the yield may be less, but as you can harvest multiple times, the overall yield will be larger.
  3. Autoflowering strains are very suitable to grow in colder regions. They are resilient to the cold, pests and infections.

Here are our top 4 high yielding outdoor autoflowering seeds –

  1. Northern lights automatic – zambesia seeds – it is a classic autoflowering strain. The strain is cherished as it creates an enthralling body stone and uplifts the mind, mildly. The strain is highly resistant to mould, cold weather, novice errors and pest. In less than 10 weeks, she goes from seed to harvest. Cultivators of all skills can produce high yield of up to 200g/plant.
  • Cream caramel auto – sweet seeds – cream caramel auto sweet seeds are the version of connoisseur’s favourite strain – cream caramel. It is very sweet and has a strong kick with high THC range. It only takes about 9 weeks for the harvest to grow without much assistance, perfect for a novice.
  • AK-420 Automatic – it is the autoflowering version of saruva strain AK-420. It is a fast flowering strain is a great addition of a cannabis garden as it thrives outdoors. It can easily produce 110-160g per plant.
  • Caramel automatic – created by crossbreeding strain sweet caramel and ruderalis cannabis, it has an unbeatable flavour. It will blast your taste buds with sweet and caramel flavours. She can produce about 80-100g/plant in about 9 weeks.